Once a beloved member of a hippie desert commune, Ape 187 grew bored of always understanding the meaning of the universe and joined a motorcycle appreciation club for the heck of it. After he became deeply bored by death and made a deal with in exchange for . Far from an angel, but inching closer every day, he can be found staying bored and, of course, chillin’ on his porch with a cold brew. Whole new ape. Wholenew beer.


Whole New Ape Brew

bored bishop’s

187 Killa Kölsch

Previously he was king of the concrete jungle, but ever since the ‘incident’, he’s turned his life (?) around. these days, you can spot him in the gray areas between this world and the next, walking old ladies across the street and rescuing kittens from trees. crack a cold one for him and his reformed ways.